Tuesday, March 23, 2010


So who was it -- which Republican was it -- who yelled "baby killer!" at Rep. Bart Stupak yesterday (or, at least, who yelled it while he was speaking)?

None other than Texas Rep. Randy Neugebauer, who said in a statement:

Last night was the climax of weeks and months of debate on a health care bill that my constituents fear and do not support. In the heat and emotion of the debate, I exclaimed the phrase "it's a baby killer" in reference to the agreement reached by the Democratic leadership. While I remain heartbroken over the passage of this bill and the tragic consequences it will have for the unborn, I deeply regret that my actions were mistakenly interpreted as a direct reference to Congressman Stupak himself.

I have apologized to Mr. Stupak and also apologize to my colleagues for the manner in which I expressed my disappointment about the bill. The House Chamber is a place of decorum and respect. The timing and tone of my comment last night was inappropriate.

No, it was the comment itself that was inappropriate. (Besides, given the Hyde Amendment, the health-care bill doesn't really affect abortion anyway. That was Stupak's mistake in the first place, and Republicans have fully embraced it.) What's more, as Craig Crawford is reporting, "[r]eporters and others in the room insist that Neugebauer did not say 'it's a baby killer' but merely 'baby killer,' which suggests the remark was directed at Stupak."

So Neugebauer may very well be lying.

Aside from being one of the many right-wing extremists who dominate the House Republican caucus, you see, he's also, apparently, a jerk.

A full public apology is the least he could do.

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