Friday, February 05, 2010

State of the Day makes the Daily Show

By Creature

Yes, my blog is being mocked, but who cares. The brief moment of fame comes right at the 1:00 minute mark.

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  • Congrats, Creature. You were in with some pretty impressive company!

    By Blogger Michael J.W. Stickings, at 7:50 PM  

  • Say Hey Creature

    Ditto ... Clutch Play!

    Does Michael have to come up with some big perks to keep you here on 'The Reaction' now?

    Can we say we knew you when ...

    Nice stuff ... Congrats!

    By Blogger 13909 Antiques, at 11:59 PM  

  • Thanks, guys.

    And, yes, my new contract negotiations begin on Monday. Cha-ching!

    By Blogger creature, at 9:34 AM  

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