Monday, February 15, 2010

Hypocritical stimulus check-cashers

By Creature

I wasn't going to watch Meet the Press yesterday until I saw that Rachel was going to be on. I'm glad I did. Here she is waging her lonely fight against GOP hypocrisy.

As Steven Benen said: "...I can't help but wonder, why is it that Rachel Maddow seems to be the only media professional calling out Republican hypocrisy on this? One of the reasons the clip generated so much attention was because it was something we see so rarely -- blatant GOP hypocrisy being called out on national television, accurately and fairly. It seems a little silly to make a fuss over what should be a common occurrence, but since it's not a common occurrence, moments like these are all the more satisfying."

Also all the more satisfying because it took place on national television, far beyond the liberal-choir Rachel usually preaches to.

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