Friday, December 04, 2009

Dump Bernanke

By Creature

Like many on the Internets I was ambivalent towards Bernanke getting another whirl as Fed chief. Being in charge and ignoring the mess Wall Street was making leading up to the crash should have been enough to disqualify him. On the other hand, the actions taken to prevent a collapse have been bold and necessary (however, one sided). In the end, if it wasn't Bernanke, another Wall Street tool would be put in his place. At least Bernanke was a tool with experience having dealt with the mess.

All that being said, after his performance yesterday in front of the Senate Banking Committee (bastard wants to gut Social Security and Medicare while leaving his rich buddies alone), I am fully on board the dump Bernanke express. Now I can only hope the Senate gets on board too. Dumping Bernanke would send a strong signal that the Senate is on the side of the people and not the bankers (and as I typed that I realized how futile that hope is).

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