Monday, November 09, 2009

A strategic bullying

By Carl

I'm very angry about the current state of health-care reform.

Yes, the House passed, barely, a bill that includes a public option, but at the price of for all intents and purposes banning abortions for the
weakest women among us.

As Jesus put it, "As you treat the weakest among you, that is how you are treating me."

And now, here's
Joe Lieberman (I-Dickheadton) wailing that even this watered-down version of helping people stay healthy is too hard to deal with, will cost too much.

He's not alone in his handwringing.

The gloves have to come off, and here's what I propose: this legislation is so important to America, that President Obama, through his channels, ought to send the following message to Sen. Lieberman:

You're right. We can't afford meaningless gestures and foolish money spent. Therefore, I am authorizing that a new bill be proposed in Congress, the "Lieberman De-Fund Israel's Defense" bill. We can't afford it any longer.

Wanna bet that not only he, but all the other fence-sitting corporatists suddenly come to God?

After all, it was with
Obama's help that Lieberman even has a seat at the table. Joe ought to be reminded of that, now. He's abused that courtesy countless numbers of times this past year.

If Obama would merely show the stones that he showed back in 2006, when nearly everyone wanted to see this abortive embarassment to the Democratic party ousted in a blizzard of contempt, we can have healthcare reform.

He's taken a million bucks in insurance contributions. It's about time he screwed them, then called it a night. His presence in the Senate is amongst the most odious in history, and that includes some God-awful Senators, like Joe McCarthy. He can make this one last gesture and indeed go out a hero to Americans.

He'd get the ego boost he's been craving ever since the Democrats took control back in 2006, in other words.

It would also serve as notice that the White House will play hardball on a bill it deems to be the centerpiece of the Obama legacy. It will drive the Lincolns and Nelsons right into the camp and may even drag a couple of weak Republican candidates... you listening, Olympia?... right into the arms of Obama.

They don't call it the "bully pulpit" for no reason, Mr President.

Of course, Paul Krugman gave me a new idea. Just roll Holy Joe the videotape of the people he's genuflecting to. Comparing U.S. politics to the Holocaust ought to shake him up a bit.

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Simply Left Behind.)

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