Thursday, November 05, 2009


By Creature

I have no problem with the media's resurgent Republican meme. If Republicans want to believe it, great. The reality coming out of Tuesday, on a national level, was that the Dems picked up a seat. While the 2010 mid-terms may not be great for the Dems, it won't be due to a resurgent Republican party. It will be due to a depressed Democratic base. To remedy this the Dems better step-up their game and pass stuff. Important stuff. If not, the resurgent Republican meme will become reality. And resurgent Republicans will have nothing to do with making it so.

The Democrats can only beat themselves at this point. Something I fear they are good at.

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  • You mean it couldn't be due to Democrats trying to pass unpopular legislation, and instead have decided to denigrate legitimate opponents to their agenda by calling them names like "teabaggers," "angry mobs," and "evil mongers" ?

    I also thought that the GOP had been cast upon the "ash heap of history" by liberals and Democrats who claimed that the rightwingnutjobs were taking over the party. It seems that liberals' wild-eyed dreams about the Republican party were in fact, delusions.

    By Blogger Dr. J. Robert Asten, at 1:40 PM  

  • No Dr. J, it's their failure so far to pass the popular legislation they were elected to pass. As for the baggers and the rest, people have eyes... They saw the videos of folks screaming at lawmakers and fellow citizens alike, and they know what to call folks who misbehave that way...

    The GOP is shrinking (as a few people leave them for being too conservative, and the rest for not conservative enough), but it surely ain't dead. But the more they purge the moderates (RINO's, in ConSpeak) the more the GOP will become a tea party (in the traditional sense) of confederate conservatives small enough to caucus in a pup-tent.

    By Blogger repsac3, at 3:05 PM  

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