Sunday, November 08, 2009

Primary them

By Creature

Sixty-four Democrats voted in favor of the vile, anti-choice Stupak amendment. Of those sixty-four, I especially loath the twenty-six who voted against the health-care reform bill overall. If these twenty-six Dems had no intention of voting for the bill, then they should have refrained from dictating what would be in it. I understand Republicans doing this (anything to piss off liberals, after all), however, for Democrats to act in the same way is unfathomable.

So, put me in the camp that wants to see all of these Dems primaried. Not only would it make me feel better watching them squirm, running to left also makes good politics. The Democratic Neanderthals who voted for the Stupak amendment are a dying bread, and, unlike the GOP who are tea-bagging themselves into oblivion, a move to the left will only bring about bigger, better majorities. Left is where the future lies, the sooner the Democratic party realizes this the better off as a country we will be.

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