Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Not a bad day at all

By Carl

What to make of the off-year elections that people were focusing on?

Well, on balance, while not a stellar performance, one has to believe Obama actually gained a little ground yesterday.

Huh? Wha?

You heard me. Here's why:

1) Governor of Virginia -
Virginia went 53-46 for Obama last year. However, of the last five elected governors (including McDonnell now) three were Republicans, all elected with a Democrat in the White House. Add to that fact that Creigh Deeds was a nearly unknown state senator and ran a campaign so egregiously bad that even the White House wrote him off weeks before the election, a landslide was all but inevitable.

2) Governor of New Jersey - Chris Christie barely held onto a lead going into the voting booth, and many polls had this as a toss-up. Over the past thirty years, there have been six elected governors: three Republicans, three Democrats. To call New Jersey a Democratic stronghold at the state-wide level is ludicrous. Now, Obama did put in some energy into campaigning for Corzine, but the billionaire lost to the multimillionaire largely because of outside assistance from the right wing of the Republican party.

This was no slam dunk election that was Corzine's to lose, in other words. The entrance of Chris Dagget probably hurt Corzine more than Christie, altho his vote total probably would not have changed the outcome.

IN NEITHER OF THESE TWO ELECTIONS WAS OBAMA A FACTOR! Voters chose based almost strictly on local and statewide issues, not the national scene and in no way should either of these elections be considered as part of a larger "Republican Rescusitation"

3) The key race for Obama's fortunes, however, was
NY State's 23rd. There, in a stunning reversal of Republican fortunes, Democrat Bill Owens stunned the right wing of America by kicking the ass of Neoconservative darling, Doug Hoffman.

Hoffman held a significant four point lead in polling over the weekend, so he lost seven points in support in the blink of an eye.

Hoffman was heavily touted by Sarah Palin, Tim Pawlenty, Rush Limbaugh and the rest of the
Fucking Republican Loons. This has to strike terror into Sarah Palin's heart, because she so closely tied her Presidential fortunes to the outcome here. It makes her look like a loser who can't even get a Congressman elected in a heavily Republican, very conservative district that is filled with military types!

Pawlenty at least had the smarts to be a little on the QT when he endorsed Hoffman! But Palin?

Ooo-la-la! She shot her chances in the foot with this boo-boo! She pissed off the Republican leadership and still lost the fucking election!

Too bad, so sad, it's ours, Mooseburger...

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Simply Left Behind.)

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  • And the rationalizing begins! Whatever makes you feel better. The bottom line is that Obama is a radical leftist, and a majority of the people don't want that. Many of my somewhat left of center friends voted for Obama with the hope that he would govern to the middle as Clinton did. Being a realist, and knowing that McCain would likely lose, I hoped for the same thing, but was wary. I "knew" the Obama-type lefties at college in the 80's -- they were hopelessly arrogant. Dismissed any agreement with Reagan in an angry fury. Now they're all grown up, trying to run the country and they still have no clue. It's amazing they actually tricked their way into power, but since they did, all I can say is nothing they do or say surprises me.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:30 AM  

  • The bottom line is yer an idiot if you think Obama is a leftist.

    By Blogger Carl, at 8:45 AM  

  • Spoken like a true leftist. Deny, deny, deny. Okay, I'll throw you a bone - leftist for the U.S. Not quite at the Marx, Lenin, Stalin level yet. More like Francois Mitterand.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:11 AM  

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