Monday, November 09, 2009

No one is more full of shit than Joe Lieberman

Joe Lieberman was at it again on Sunday, popping up on Fox News, a network close to his heart, to oppose not just the public option but pretty much any meaningful health-care reform, as well as to declare once again (we've heard this broken record before) his intention to stand with Republicans, the party closest to his heart, or so it would seem, to filibuster a bill in the Senate.

And, once again, he was full of shit, claiming, determinedly, that he opposes reform because it would balloon the national debt and send the economy "into a recession that's worse than the one we're fighting our way out of today." "I don't want to do that to our children and grandchildren," he added, with a straight face, because he probably believes his own bullshit. Apparently screwing millions and millions of Americans out of adequate care, if any care at all, just doesn't factor into it for him, nor the costs spiralling out of control, nor the massive burden that is being bequeathed to future generations. (He says some of the right things at first, pointing to the uninsured and the costs, but he just seems to be covering his ass/bases.)

And it doesn't seem to matter to him that his bullshit is pure dishonesty. Think Progress:

It isn't really Lieberman's "conscience" that is driving him to oppose the public option -- more likely it's his ego (since he told reporters that he likes feeling "relevant"). After all, Lieberman opposed the Senate Finance Committee bill even though it didn't have a public option, and in 1994, his "conscience" told him that the filibuster was "unfair" and shouldn't be used to block major legislation. He has also asserted that the public option would raise premiums and increase the debt, even though the Congressional Budget Office has disputed those claims. Furthermore, 60 percent of his constituents support a public option, but Lieberman has dismissed them as just being "confused."

At best, and giving him something of the benefit of the doubt, Lieberman is inconsistent. At worst -- and there is more worst than best here and there is no reason to give him the benefit of anything -- he is an egomaniacal, Republican-leaning anti-Democrat who holds old grudges and resentments and lashes out whenever possible at his old party, as well as at the president who went out on a limb to keep him in the Democratic fold despite his aggressive, smear-filled campaigning for McCain last year. There is also the possibility that he just wants to continue to be "relevant" as long as possible, that is, to hold out as long as possible so as to keep everyone on edge, so as to be "the decider," but his opposition to reform is pretty clear, and it seems unlikely that he'd ever switch back. Maybe he's just holding out so as to force the Democrats into agreeing to concessions to win his his support, but, at this point, he just can't be trusted.

As I have said before, it is time, long past time, for the Democrats to cut ties with Lieberman. Simply put, Joe must go.

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