Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Good Satire Alert -- Al-Qaeda announces move to CD/DVD

By J. Thomas Duffy

We got hip, recently, to the site Cap News, which bills itself as "News satire and parody, covering comedy and humor from politics to sports and health to technology."

For our money, it is sharper, and more sophisticated than The Onion, targeting current events daily, versus the latters "Average Man Shocked To Discover He Has Above-Average Problems"-type stories.

And today Cap News delivered another howler:

Al-Qaeda Announces Move To CD/DVD

SAN DIEGO, Calif. (CAP) - Following continued complaints of poor audio quality and amateurish video, al Qaeda has announced a deal with Sony Corp. to begin distributing its terrorist messages in the CD/DVD format.

"We're proud to announce this strategic initiative with one of the world's leading terrorist organizations," Sony CEO Sir Howard Stringer said in a prepared statement. "We understand the extreme importance of communication in their industry and the explosive risks of failure and are prepared to meet those head on."

Go to Cap News to check out the full piece, as well as others.

And we recommend signing up for their daily email.

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