Thursday, November 19, 2009

Fox News "screws up" again

[Yesterday] afternoon, Fox News host Gregg Jarrett proudly announced that Sarah Palin is "continuing to draw huge crowds while she's promoting her brand new book. Take a look at — these are some of the pictures just coming into us." But the pictures that the network chose to display on-air appeared to be old file footage of Palin rallies from the 2008 presidential campaign. Individuals in the crowd are seen holding McCain/Palin signs, and others are holding pom-poms and cheering wildly. "There's a crowd of folks," an enthused Jarrett observed, referring to the old footage.

Unfair, unbalanced, and blatantly dishonest. But you knew that already, surely.

(Or do you think this was just another silly mistake? You know, like all the other silly mistakes, like mixing up Obama and Osama. That sort of thing. Well, if you think so, and if you insist on giving Fox News the benefit of the doubt, you'd have to admit it's a pretty shoddy production, a little too prone to error, no? But isn't it a little curious that these mistakes all seem to involve smearing Democrats/liberals and pumping up Republicans/conservatives? Funny, that.)

It'd be funnier if they just dispensed with pretending to report the news -- and Fox News really is fake news, news through a partisan lens -- and used footage from, say, Nuremberg ca. 1923-38 to highlight the success, or to exaggerate it, of their beloved Sarah Palin, and those like her, and of the Republican Party, for which it proselytizes and propagandizes.

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