Sunday, October 25, 2009

Stand by your man (if you're CNN and he's Lou Dobbs)

Sorry, CNN, but you can't exactly be "the most trusted name in news" when you do everything in your power not just to give Lou Dobbs a platform from which to spew his nativist venom but to defend and protect him from any and all criticism.

Think Progress has the details.

See also Yglesias:

For all that, if CNN wants to stand by Dobbs then, fine, they should stand by Dobbs. But if they want to stand by Dobbs then they should stand by Dobbs and feature him prominently in their four-hour "Latino in America" documentary. After all, from what you can see watching the network day-to-day the executives at CNN think Dobbs has a credible and important perspective on this issue. Instead, they just kind of want to sweep the crazy uncle under the rug for the purposes of a big special, and then trot him back out again when everything's back to normal.

They want to have it both ways, it seems, but all they're doing is destroying whatever sliver of credibility they have left.

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