Friday, October 09, 2009


Quick hit: Three Four elected US Presidents have now won the Nobel Peace Prize. (ed. note: I forgot about Woodrow Wilson)

All Democrats.

Economic expansion historically occurs only under Democratic presidents.

Democrats = Peace + Prosperity

There's your bumper sticker,
Gov. Kaine.

Congratulations, Mr President!

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  • There was HUGE economic expansion under Reagan.

    This prize has become nothing but a leftist political middle finger. Let's "talk" peace, have the wimpy Europeans all creaming in their dirty jeans, and . . . a Nobel Peace Prize! Show me the results in a few years and then I may feel differently.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:27 AM  

  • There was no economic expansion under Reagan. The average American saw their income fall behind the rate of inflation and what little "business" was done was done with debt, not earnings.


    By Blogger Carl, at 9:32 AM  

  • Gee Carl, if you say it, it must be true. I guess I misunderstood the 80's then. MEA CULPA!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:43 AM  

  • Yeah, I guess you did. Maybe you and the other Gipperites are still laughing about the time I was telling everyone the S&Ls were going under too, which they did and which we had to bail out. And then there was the recession he caused, but never mind.

    You know, it's one thing to hate America, but to hate anything good that happens to us and to our reputation as world leaders makes you more than the average vermin, doesn't it? You'd sell us all out just to prove your twisted point, wouldn't you?

    The first thing I thought when I heard about it this morning -- and after someone suggested this would be a slap in the face for the Demented Right was:

    I don't for a moment believe that the losers, the creeps, the sellouts, the psychos and the morons who comprise the Obama hating scum now choking the air out of our little pond will feel anything but more contempt and be anything but more cynical and paranoid.

    To win a peace prize is to be a "sissy," the kind of soft, effeminate, socialist, effete, decadent and probably gay wimp that populates Europe -- not a "real" American willing to bomb the bastards back to the stone age whether they're bastards or not.

    Watch for the "Nuke Norway" signs coming soon to a Florida town near you.

    By Blogger Capt. Fogg, at 12:50 PM  

  • I hope you'll be in Norway when it's nuked, ASSHOLE!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:08 PM  

  • Correction: all but one were Democrats. The Roosevelt that won was Teddy, not Franklin. Teddy Roosevelt was a Republican.

    By Anonymous libraryguy, at 7:20 PM  

  • But a funny sort of Republican - I think today he'd be trashed as a Liberal or even as a Commie, as he was in his own time.

    Is it time for a new Bull moose party?

    And wasn't that a brilliant answer from the guy who insists Reagan ushered in massive prosperity? Probably isn't old enough to remember it, or maybe it's just Fox poisoning.

    By Blogger Capt. Fogg, at 12:42 PM  

  • I'm more than old enough to remember it, and from late 1983 on I recall a BOOMING economy. Just because some people were too dumb to take part wasn't my fault. Right Fogg? Know what I mean? All them dumb Hillbilly Christian Sarah Palin types who vote the big R nowadays. Ya know -- all them people who call it Floriduh!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:48 PM  

  • Well too bad the facts don't agree with your memory, but of course your definition of booming economy may differ. Halfway through his first term we experienced the largest recession since the 1930's with double digit unemployment. Of course the top 1% or so did all right, but overall, Reagan took the first step on the road to hell we seem to have returned to under Bush.

    I'm sure your opinion will differ wildly, but then - who gives a shit about your opinion?

    By Blogger Capt. Fogg, at 10:03 AM  

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