Friday, August 21, 2009

Kyl confirms no GOP votes for healthcare reform

By Creature

So while the whiney, delusion Gang of sellouts Six in the Senate looks for a pair of scissors to craft a bill more to the GOP's liking, the man in charge of counting votes, Senate Minority Whip Jon Kyl, still says: no-go. So, tell me, again, why the does president insists on keeping up this bipartisan facade?

I realize there is a whole lot of politics going on here, but, really, enough. The olive branch has been offered, so now can we please leave the GOP behind? I'd bet, if the president drew a forceful line in the sand, if he told the GOP to fuck off, if he leaves the politics of bipartisanship behind, the country would react positively to these moves, and healthcare reform would become a reality.

But, I'm just part of the "left of the left," so what do I know?

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  • Republican obstructionism is a good excuse for doing nothing about health care, but it's not clear that the Democrats want to do anything positive about health care in the first place.

    Seeking 'bipartisanship' allows the Democrats to appear to be fighting for health care for the public while ultimately doing nothing to deprive the insurance and drug industries of their right to earn rents from ordinary Americans.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:00 PM  

  • The other day, I received an interesting and very instructive e-mail from my brother Jeff who lives in France. He asked me to share it with the readers of my blog. I think I shall also share it with you

    “As an American who has been living in Europe for most of the last 20 years, one who has visited doctors numerous times in four different countries, whose two children were brought into this world in European hospitals (France and England), who has himself spent a week in a public British hospital, and who underwent an operation in a private British clinic, I think I can say a thing or two about health care in Europe.

    “Our out of pocket expenses for the births? Zero, even though in France my wife spent 5 days in the hospital after the birth, which is standard, by the way.

    “During the three years we lived in England, we never once paid for medicine for our children. Children get drugs for free in the UK. Visits to the GP are free for everybody.

    “My expenses for the week in the NHS hospital? Zero.

    “The cost of the operation in the private clinic? Zero, it was covered by my work insurance, as was the post-op physical therapy I needed.

    “In Western Europe you would never be forced to sell your home in order to pay for your medical bills, as happens all too often in America when catastrophic illness strikes and the insurance company decides that your condition was ‘pre-existing’.

    “The quality of the care? Mostly good. French hospitals are excellent, even the food is decent. The food at the NHS hospital was beyond awful, but then again most English food is pretty bad (though they do have great Indian food). At night, they were understaffed, but I am guessing that, apart from that place where Dr. House works, most American hospitals are understaffed at night, too.

    “In short, in the US, you pay more, get less, and die younger than we do in Europe. What part of that don’t you understand?

    “My fellow Americans, you have nothing to fear except those who would use fear to keep you enslaved to the myth of the might of the American health care system.”

    Jeff Degan

    What can I tell you? The guy is a Communist. Not only does he live in France, he actually likes it there. An eternal shame to our family's good name. Let us boil down his seven paragraphs to their juicy essentials, shall we?


    Here is (Excuse me, I meant to say, “Here was“) a golden opportunity for real reform and the idiotic Americans are screaming about socialism. Is it any wonder that we have become the laughingstock of the Western world?

    Tom Degan
    Goshen, NY

    By Blogger Tom Degan, at 2:36 PM  

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