Friday, July 03, 2009

So much Palin, so little time

By Michael J.W. Stickings

I've been meaning to comment for a few days now on Sarah Palin's recent reemergence in the news, specifically on that huge, meandering, and only vaguely satisfying Todd Purdum piece in Vanity Fair, on all the Republican infighting (specifically the Kristol-Schmidt squabble and Schmidt's role in the Todd-Palin-AIP issue back during the campaign -- Palin comes out of it, as you might expect, looking like a self-absorbed moron), and on the still-ongoing Palin '12 hype (with conservatives still circling the wagon), but I'll leave it here to the usually nonsensical Charles Krauthammer, on Fox News, to serve up some common sense, and, yes, I realize that I rarely have any praise for C-Kraut, but when credit's due, credit's due. Here you go:

Contrast Krauthammer's common sense, as his usual partisan self, with Fred Barnes's Kristol-like nonsense (the two Weekly Standard-bearers are nothing if not enamored with Palin to the point of mental breakdown. Let me just be clear, though, that I do not think that the criticism (or "attacks") on Palin were or have been unfair. Given what an ignorant twit and arrogant thug she has been all along, how she handled herself during the campaign and how she has handled herself since, she has brought the negativity upon herself. If anyone deserves all the ridicule, it's Sarah Palin.

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