Wednesday, June 03, 2009

For Nancy Puss'n'Boots, Cheney is from the Real Virginia

By J. Thomas Duffy

Like a moth to a flame ...

Nancy Puss'n Boots, aka, Nancy Pfotenhauer, Stumblin' Bumblin' John McCain's former Dead Campaign Express spokesperson, seemingly, just can't avoid appearing utterly stupid on national television.

We pointed this out, back in October of 2008 (Nancy Puss'n'Boots To Tweety: I'll Take "Looking Stupid" for $500"!), when she attempted to defend The Wasilla Whiz Kid.

Yesterday, she strapped on her "Stupid Suit" and was out there again, this time, defending the Shadow President, Dick Cheney.

"Pfotenhauer: "I Don't Believe That the Former VP Would Be Making Statements..."

Dig Bill Press's facial expression, and how David Shuster just outright laughs at her.

Cheney has been out there the past few weeks, running around like a junkie trying to score smack, dissing the Obama Administration, defending his torture program, even having his daughter out, front-and-center, to regurgitate his lies.

On the same day that Nancy Puss'n Boots is doing her Stupid Act for the former Shadow President, Darth Vader himself, started doing some moonwalking, backing away from his previously-ardent claims that his torture program worked, that it saved lives.

Cheney Edges Away From Claim That CIA Docs Will Prove Torture Worked

Bear with me here, because this is crucial. Cheney is carefully saying that the documents summarize what we learned from the overall interrogation program. Torture, of course, was only a component of that program. So he’s clearly saying that the docs summarize what was learned from a program that included non-torture techniques, too.

Here’s why this is important. It dovetails precisely with what Senator Carl Levin, who has also seen these docs, says about them. Levin claims the docs don’t do anything to “connect acquisition of valuable intelligence to the use of the abusive techniques.”

What, are the PartyofNoicans sending their Talking Points by snail mail?

If they are going to use Nancy Puss'n Boots, perhaps it is by design, to make GOP Chieftain Michael Steele look like Einstein.

Bonus Nancy Puss'n Boots Links

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Yes, Virginia, There Is A Real Virginia ...

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