Saturday, April 11, 2009

Vatican rejects Caroline Kennedy as U.S. ambassador

By Michael J.W. Stickings

So the Vatican won't accept Caroline Kennedy as U.S. ambassador -- or anyone else who is pro-choice (and pro-stem-cell research)?

Tough, I say.

It won't happen -- not least because there are so many Catholic voters at home to placate -- but Obama ought simply to refuse to appoint an ambassador to the so-called Holy See. Why give in? Why appoint a pro-choicer just because that's what the Vatican wants? Why implicitly approve of the Roman Catholic Church's absolutist authoritarian positions on such issues -- that is, its moral extremism -- by appointing someone who approves of the Church's positions and of whom the Church approves? What message would that send? That the U.S., that the Obama Administration, is with the Church on those issues, or that it isn't willing to stand up in defence of its own positions.

So enough. Kennedy would be a fine person to represent America's interests at the Vatican. Perhaps she could even make the case for abortion rights and stem-cell research effectively enough to challenge the Church's long-standing oppression. Not that the Church, or its leaders at the Vatican, would ever be persuaded to abandon its moral extremism, but should it not be challenged, should it not be confronted with alternatives to its extremism?


Such are my views this Easter Saturday. Not that I'm celebrating Easter, other than the secular version -- bunny and eggs for the kids, a nice dinner tomorrow -- but whatever you happen to be celebrating, and I'm celebrating a four-day weekend, quality time with my family, and some fairly nice weather here in Toronto, be safe out there, and be good to one another.

-- Michael

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