Friday, April 17, 2009

Roland Hedley, star journalist

By J. Thomas Duffy

Good treat today, as Garry Trudeau has an article in The New Yorker this week, on one of his Doonesbury characters, the intrepid journalist Roland Hedley (take your pick, of a bevy of dwarfs, finks, phonies, and frauds, of whom Roland is a composite -- hint for at least one of them: Al Capone's vault).

The Tweets Of Roland Hedley

It's hysterical!

Here's a snip:

Ankara. Bought chunk of hash for my oldest. Press bus went ape-shit. What the heck is “Midnight Express”? 10:17 A.M. Apr 6th

Oh, THAT “Midnight Express.” 10:19 A.M. Apr 6th

O.K., ditched hash, planted it on Le Monde reporter. Thanks for caring, Tweeps, never got 80 direct messages before. 11:23 A.M. Apr 6th

There are more, including some tremendous riffs of Roland in England with the Queen.

Go check out The Tweets Of Roland Hedley.

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