Sunday, April 05, 2009

The Reaction in Review (April 5, 2009)

A weekend's Reactions that deserve a second look:


By J. Thomas Duffy: "Play Ball! ... The best Baseball Primer is here!" -- Any baseball novice would be able to "get" baseball after reading Duffy's fun explanation; extras include great pics and "Bonus Fungo Riffs."

By Michael J.W. Stickings: "The looting of America" -- Michael reluctantly agrees with Glenn Greenwald's important post on "Summers, Geithner and Wall Street's ownership of government."


By Greg Prince: "GOP criticizes Democrats for wanting to address the economic crisis, fails to see self parody" -- Greg argues for making sure Democrats control the debate over whether the people Eric Cantor calls "entrepeneurs" should still be able to exercise their disastrous control over the American economy.

By Capt. Fogg: "When trolls attack" -- Fogg's masterful use of the English language delights us again, this time regarding troll comments: "I'm sure the armchair assassin thinks he really scored and perhaps he's getting his 5$ per post bonus from the GOP to boot" (six comments follow).

By Mustang Bobby: "Being out in public" -- Bobby effectively takes on Beliefnet's Rod Dreher's lament about the Iowa same sex marriage decision "that makes it tough to be a 'public Christian,'" saying to Dreher, "First, being a 'public Christian' does not mean being... pompous, arrogant, and sanctimonious" (includes several comments).

-- compiled by Carol Gee


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