Wednesday, April 29, 2009

H1N1, anyone?

By Carl

I've deliberately stayed away from the swine flu story this week because frankly, apart from the Mexico crisis, it doesn't seem to be that virulent.

Already, 70 cases have been reported in the US, with the
first death in Texas, a toddler, the typical fatality in a flu epidemic.

Although the WHO and the US are taking steps to treat this as a pandemic, and there's evidence to believe that while they are being cautious,
they are not being alarmist, there are reasons to think that this is being blown a little out of proportion by the global media.

For one thing, this is not the
first swine flu outbreak in the US. And like that epidemic, there are strains of the avian flu mixed in the virus. It will be bad (I had that flu: nasty little bug) but it should be a fairly short-lived matter, perhaps two or three months for it to work its course.

So of course, I urge you to stay healthy, wash your hands frequently, and if you know someone from California or Mexico or
New York City (or live there), be extra careful in keeping yourself from catching anything.

And cross your fingers.

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