Thursday, March 26, 2009

If you seek... Eric Cantor

By Michael J.W. Stickings

So you know how Obama took all that grief for taking time to fill out his March Madness bracket for ESPN, notably from the loathsome Republican Coach K. of the loathsome Duke Blue Devils?

As if the president shouldn't take any time to himself, as if he shouldn't have any fun, as if he should ignore his family and go without sleep to solve the world's problems.

And as if Bush, that notorious slacker, ever would have been criticized like Obama was. (Although, to be fair, expectations for Obama are much higher than they ever were for Bush. With Bush, it was just assumed that he wasn't paying attention.)

Now, I realize that the president has a bit more on his plate than a congressman, but how about Eric Cantor -- Virginia Republican, rising GOP star, determined partisan, and spokesman for the party's extremist ideology -- showing up at the Britney Spears concert in D.C. on Tuesday and missing Obama's press conference?

How did his right-wing "family values" ever withstand such an assault? And how can he justify taking time away from his busy schedule trying to obstruct efforts to pull America out of an historic economic crisis?

Oh, right, lest we forget...

Britney's a Republican, isn't she? Or at least, not so long ago, a big-time Bush-backer. Maybe he was just doing some, uh... research. (F-U-C-K, Mr. Cantor. Get it?)

(Actually, I don't really care what Cantor does in his spare time. Britney's not my cup o' tea, but whatever. Just so long as he and his moralist friends on the theocratic right appreciate the utter hypocrisy of their "family values" policies. They don't, of course, but it's good to know that Cantor "enjoyed" the show.)
(Photo from Yahoo.)

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