Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The oldest con game in DC

By Libby Spencer

Yes it's the myth of bi-partisanship and for some inexplicable reason the GOPers get to set the rules whether or not they're in power. I understand the lofty ideal that Obama is striving for here, but face it Mr. President, the GOPers cheat. They marked the cards and they're pulling the oldest bluff in the book. So you can pull all the sensible provisions they demand be eliminated, like money for family planning and they're still going to pull that royal flush out of their sleeve when it comes to the roll call.

It's not even about the money:

The Medicaid provision had become controversial over the past few days not because of its monetary value -- in fact, it would save states an estimated $400 million over 10 years -- but because Republicans had loudly moaned that it amounted to "taxpayer funding" for "the abortion industry."

You can try to placate them and take out every piddling thing that will benefit working class people from education funding, to the token few million for the arts and rehabbing the National Mall. You can ante up more of the same failed tax cut strategies that got us into this mess. They're still going to leave you empty handed when it comes to the votes.

Screw bi-partisanship. The GOPers have nothing to gain by helping you and they won't do it. You made a good faith effort. Just call their bluff for a real change. Take ownership of the stimulus, on your own terms, and let the chips fall where they may.

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