Friday, December 05, 2008

Whence come the horsemen?

By Greg Prince

Once in a while you stumble across a headline that's so OMFH jawdropping you just don't know what to think. Michael has a category here for certain social indicators: "Signs of the Apocalypse." He's approaching number sixty.

Far be it that I should infringe upon his gig, but today I saw a headline that hits me that way.

Consider the following from the MinnPost:

UnitedHealth to sell insurance policies that insure individuals against becoming uninsurable

This links to the following at The New York Times:

UnitedHealth to Insure the Right to Insurance

I'll be damned, but I was sure The Onion wasn't on my RSS feed.

Mind you, I don't fault United Health here -- they have evaluated the current market conditions and found a niche they think they can make a buck in. Fine, that's what successful business do. But the fact that there's a niche here to begin with, the fact that there is sufficient fear and uncertainty to make this a viable product, speaks volumes of the need for health care reform in the US.

Obama/Daschle? Are you paying attention?


A SOTA it is. And it's #60. -- MJWS

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