Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Reaction predictions 1

By Michael J.W. Stickings

Some predictions, this election day morning, from members of the Reaction team:


  • Obama will win 313 electoral votes. The Senate will see a 61-vote Democratic majority. The House will go as most predictors have said, another 30 seats or so Democratic.
  • This will be the single largest repudiation of any political party in history and will seal Bush's legacy as the worst president ever.
Carol Gee

  • Electoral votes: Obama = 289; McCain = 249.
  • Popular vote totals: a 10% increase in turnout to 133,175,959 (over 2004 presidential total of 121,106,905). Obama 55% = 73,246,777, McCain 43% = 57,265,662, Others 2% = 2,663,519.
  • Senate will end up with 57 Democrats & 43 Republicans. House will have 258 Democratic members, 177 Republicans.
Greg Prince

  • I am excessively optimistic here. I am giving Obama 379 electoral votes.
  • OK, yes, that is unreasonable and it will probably be closer to 350 electoral votes. But it's going to be a heck of a night none the less.
  • I will continue my optimism by forecasting 60 Senate seats and 253 House seats for the Democrats.
  • And while we're at it, the anti-gay initiatives will fail in California and Florida, but succeed in Arizona.
J. Thomas Duffy

  • Obama, in a romp.
  • Upwards of 290, or more, electoral votes, and 53-55% of the popular vote.
  • Senate will come close to 60, around 58-59. In the House, the Dems should go over 250.

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