Saturday, November 01, 2008

Obama draws even, more or less, in Louisiana

By Michael J.W. Stickings

Ahead in the polls, and with the Kerry states pretty much wrapped up, including Pennsylvania, Obama has been setting his sights lately on traditionally red states like Indiana and North Carolina, and even McCain's home state of Arizona.

Obama has substantial leads in key battleground states like Virginia, Colorado, and New Hampshire, the race is more or less even in others like Missouri and Indiana, and polls show that he is close even in Georgia.

And, now, even in Louisiana, where, according to a new WWL-TV poll, the race is, given the margin of error, "a statistical tie," with McCain up by just three points, 43 to 40.

I don't expect Obama to win Arizona, Georgia, or Louisiana -- just as I don't expect him to win West Virginia or Montana -- but, as I've said before, the very fact that these states are in play suggests that Obama is doing rather well overall.

I'll have my final national vote and electoral college tally predictions on Monday, or perhaps early Tuesday. As I look at it now, though, I have it 375 to 163 for Obama.

But, then, I'm in a fairly optimistic mood at the moment. I'm sure the anxiety -- not to mention the fear and panic -- will set in again over the weekend.

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