Saturday, November 01, 2008

John Cleese on Olbermann

By J. Thomas Duffy

If you happened to be watching Countdown last evening, you were rewarded with a little treat:

John Cleese, live, in-studio.

For the final segment, Olbermann had the Monty Python veteran in for a chat, and a new poem (Cleese, last month, wrote a poem slamming Sean Hannity that Olbermann read on the program) bashing Olbermann's obsessive target, Bill O'Reilly.

The best of it was Cleese riffing on "If Karl Rove worked for the Democrats" ... It's hysterical!

Check it out here:

Countdown: John Cleese on Joe the Prop Oct. 31, 2008

Extra Bonus!

It appears, if it survives the writing and run-through process, that there will be a parody of Olbermann on Saturday Night Live this evening.

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