Thursday, October 09, 2008

Obama holds steady in Gallup tracking poll

By Michael J.W. Stickings

Some of the other national polls show a somewhat closer race, but, according to Gallup, Obama continues to hold an 11-point lead over McCain, 52-41 -- the same numbers as in the previous tracking poll. The poll was conducted from October 6-8 and therefore includes one day of interviews after Tuesday's debate.

And here's some post-debate polling from Gallup and USA Today:

While 53% of the 735 people surveyed said their opinions of Obama had not changed, 34% said they thought more favorably of him and 12% viewed him less favorably. All 735 said they had watched the debate.

The reactions to McCain were almost mirror opposites: 54% said their opinions about him had not changed, 33% felt less favorable and 12% felt more favorable.

The poll also shows that among those surveyed, 56% thought Obama did the "better job" at the debate, to 23% who said that about McCain. Fifteen percent said the candidates' performances were "equal."

In other words, it was a decisive win for Obama. But can his numbers get any better as a result?

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