Tuesday, October 14, 2008

McCain campaign slams Krazy Kristol. Seriously.

By Michael J.W. Stickings

You know what's hilarious? The McCain campaign slamming Krazy Bill Kristol, long of McCain's most ardent cheerleaders (think back to 2000) for daring to criticize it.

"A pathetic campaign" is what Kristol called it on Sunday, and, in response, McCain campaign spokeswoman Nancy Pfotenhauer said this yesterday:

Well, you know Bill is entitled to his perspective. And I used to work for Bill. And I can tell you personally sometimes he's brilliant and sometimes he's not. And this is one where it's the latter category. You know, I think unfortunately he has bought into the Obama campaign's party line.

I guess brilliance is all in the eyes of the partisan beholder. What Kristol said wasn't anything close to brilliant, of course, but, for once, he was right. It doesn't take a Nobel-Prize-winning economist from Princeton to figure out that the McCain campaign has been embarrassingly pathetic And what makes it even more so is that it clearly has no interest in accepting constructive criticism even from its most supportive friends.

Indeed, it not only dismissed the constructive criticism of a long-time friend and ally, it went straight on the attack, suggesting that Kristol is now some sort of mouthpiece for Obama.

Which pretty much just reinforces Kristol's point, does it not?

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  • Kristol Konsistently Kooky. Seriously, Michael, Bill the Bloody has been wrong every single time he writes a piece for the NY Times. I hope he is not wrong this one time. I continue to grow more fearful as our election draws closer. Obama needs to knock Grumpy out tomorrow night in the debate. A decision just won't do. He needs to finish him off, not play it safe.

    By Blogger Bob's Blog, at 12:07 PM  

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