Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Barry Crimmins Alert: Strap Nancy Pelosi to a table and ship her out! ... Vote Cindy Sheehan!

By J. Thomas Duffy

It's been one of our most fervent wishes the past two years that Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi be plagued by nightmares.

A Tim-Burton-on-acid-meets-Disney-type nightmare of being trapped in a store:

A table store.

Big, thick butcher blocks man the exits, forcing the Bush Grindhouse enabler to travel the maze-like aisles, small end-tables nipping at her ankles, all the other tables stamping their legs, chanting "No Nancy, put it on the table ... No, Nancy, put it on the table ... No Nancy, put it on the table ..."

Well, the good folks of "Baghdad by the Bay" (a favorite moniker often used by the late San Francisco Chronicle columnist Herb Caen, long before the invasion and occupation), San Francisco, have the opportunity next month to bring that closer to reality.

And Barry Crimmins, today, gives it a push, with a resounding, call-to-arms endorsement of her challenger: Cindy Sheehan.

A snip for you:

Icing the Republican Casket

Wouldn't it be fantastic if the Dem who gets handed walking papers was the one who, speaking from a position of high authority, promised that any chance of impeaching the criminally barbarous Bush was "off the table" immediately after 2006 Congressional elections that were all about public disdain for Bush? From there that person went on stand down as our liberties were being assailed at home and as our addiction to foreign wars continued apace abroad. Then this millionaire helped spearhead a gargantuan bailout of people already awash in more cash than any of us could ever imagine. No question about it, it would be tremendous if she found herself out on a street full of Republicans on the morning of Nov 5.

Not only should Cindy Sheehan win but she really could if an influx of progressive support infuses her campaign right now. So get off your diverse buts San Francisco and get to work for Cindy Sheehan. And lefties around the country, it's time to cough up whatever you can for Cindy Sheehan. Imagine if on election night (voter suppression and ballot-rigging permitting) the Republicans get trounced from coast to coast and then the last big story of the evening is Cindy Sheehan's upset win over Nancy Pelosi.

Imagine how great November 4 will be (voter suppression and ballot-rigging permitting) if we seriously repudiate the R's and then knock off the Vichy Dem who so compromised the electoral gains of 2006 by replacing her with the legendary woman who wiped the smirk off W's face?

I strongly recommend you jump over to Barry's site and read "Icing the Republican Casket".

Then, jump of over to Cindy Sheehan's site and do whatever you can to help her dump Pelosi.


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