Saturday, August 23, 2008

Thank God! ... It's Ordinary Joe!

By J. Thomas Duffy

No doubt, the ratings for those late night infomercials took a big hit.

Billy Mays' wallet will be a little lighter this week.

I'll be interested to hear what the strategy of dropping the news at around 1 am was (maybe, we were on target with our post yesterday).

Obama goes pragmatic and picks the senator from Delaware, Joe Biden.

Good a choice as any, and infinitely better than one.

The MSM certainly added to the frenzy of yesterday, desperately picking over the limited, sparse clues (even noting the pronouns Obama was using), ramping up the tension ("any minute now"), employing Britney Spears-like stakeouts, and all but stamping their feet in a tantrum, demanding Obama to spill the beans.

Christ, Stumblin Bumblin' John McCain could have gone out and bought another dozen houses yesterday and nobody would have noticed (and just wait, when the abode-laden Arizonian makes his VP choice, and the noise from the media isn't loud enough, we'll hear how, shame on the media, as a POW, he should have gotten more media for his selection).

It is said, of presidential candidates, that their first major decision, the one you can evaluate them on, is their selection of a running mate.

On that note, Obama aced it.

He didn't go out and grab "Who the hell is that?" -- a choice that would have either strained the capacity of Google or crashed Wikipedia.

He didn't, much to the chagrin of the Right-Wing Freak Show, choose his former pastor, the Reverend Wright, Jesse Jackson, or the Nation of Islam.

And he didn't buckle, capitulate to the media, or fall into the trap of tapping TMFOITW on the shoulder, just to make the Clintonistas, the Grand Central Station Locker Creatures ("Hillary is back! The keeper of the light! All hail Hillary! All hail Hillary! Oh Hillary can you see by the dawn's early light..."), happy.

Their disappointment has long been telegraphed, to the point they need occupational therapy, the cathartic roll call, just to justify that the "something can happen" sliver of hope they still hold will deliver "something can happen" that will make their world right again.

Hang on to that folks, until at least 2016.

Biden will be good for the campaign, comfortable slapping down Stumblin' Bumblin' Johnny, and not a risky choice that will have you worrying about November.

And he did give us this, the de facto line of the primary campaign.

So, for the Obama-Biden ticket, here's an old gem...

Go Get'em!

Terry Callier Ordinary Joe

Bonus Biden

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BreitBart: Biden speaks _ and speaks _ his own mind

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  • Nice homage, merited, I think. And you captured the craziness of the MSM coverage very well.

    By Blogger Carol Gee, at 11:40 AM  

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