Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Something to keep in mind

By Creature

Obama is sure to get a whole bunch of grief for giving his acceptance speech at a football stadium. He's pompous, presumptuous, a celebrity, blah. The thing to keep in mind is that Thursday is not all about the speech, it's about the organizing.

When 76,000 people pack Denver's Invesco Field tomorrow to hear Senator Barack Obama's acceptance speech, they'll be called on to get to work.

The campaign is asking them to text-message friends and urge them to sign on as supporters of the Democratic presidential candidate. It's part of a drive by Obama's team to leave the national convention with hundreds of thousands of new names to add to a database that already includes millions.

This, along with the VP text message, is all about gathering an ever bigger army of supporters. Come November it's the people-power of Obama's campaign that will put him over the top. Come December books will be written and Obama's campaign will be the template on how to run a presidential campaign in the 21st Century.

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