Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Smear-hurling Romney gets it all ass-backwards wrong on Obama, McCain, and the house flap

By Michael J.W. Stickings

From the Globe:

Yes, Romney really is a twisted partisan fool.

In a speech yesterday in Denver -- of course! -- he claimed that while McCain deserved all his houses because of his and his family's "hard work," Obama "got a special deal from a convicted felon." That "convicted felon" is Tony Rezko -- and the GOP Smear Machine, of which Romney is a willing part, is playing the Rezko card hard these days -- but, as the Globe notes, rightly, "[t]here is no evidence... that the Obamas got any 'special deal' [to buy a piece of land to expand his property in Chicago] engineered by Rezko. Obama was able to buy the place thanks to two best-selling books and the six-figure salaries he and his wife were both earning."

So, Mitt, do you really believe that the Obamas haven't worked hard for their money? They are both successful professionals, much more successful in the private sector than the McCains, and, what's more, Barack has gone on to be a hugely successful author.

And the McCains, did they work hard for their money as well? Well, John has been somewhat successful, yes, but it helps that he married a wealthy heiress, no? That's right, let's not forget that much of their wealth is family money. Cindy's father, James Hensley, was the founder of Hensley & Co., a wholesaler and distributor for beer giant Anheuser-Busch. Cindy is now the chair, but, obviously, she didn't rise to that position on her merits. John, meanwhile, was hired as Hensley's vice president of public relations in 1981, shortly after he left the Navy. How do you think he got that job? Lots of hard work, no doubt. Just as I'm sure it was hard work that got McCain's won Andrew the job of Hensley CFO.

Romney, once again, has it all backwards.

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  • Someone got it ass-backwards and it wasn't Romney. Nice try but Romney is genuine.
    He's a red-meat attack dog. Go for them Dems Mitt.

    By Blogger Blog Host, at 8:32 PM  

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