Sunday, August 03, 2008

David Gergen schools the panel on McCain's racist campaign

By Creature

(Via TPM/Cross-posted at State of the Day.)

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  • McCain holding a "racist" campaign?

    What was stated was that "southerners understood" certain "code" words to mean one thing when others might not.

    Anyway, there is no "black" race any more than there is a "white", "Pink", "yellow","brown"...genetic studies reveal less genetic diversity amongst non Africans, or more accurately ex-Africans, since everybody's genetic material originated in Africa anyway...mine 60,000 years spouse 200,000 ago.

    There is more genetic diversity in Africa than the rest of the world put together...with the San, the oldest, having the lowest melanocyte activity of them all.

    Afro Americans are basically composed of genetic material from Africa mixed with that of Europeans...and today, mixing rapidly with every other kind of genetic material entering North America.

    Obama is a pure Mulatto...half Caucasian and half African...his African 'half' not having had the same 'experiences' as his Afro American equivalent.

    One wonders if some of the problem in the Afro American community stems from the fact that they hold the genetic material of the slave and the slave owner within 'half' owing reperations to the other 'half'.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:20 PM  

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