Friday, August 22, 2008

Breaking! Obama VP call delayed - Piece of paper with name lost

By J. Thomas Duffy

Sources tell The Garlic that the announcement of Barack Obama's vice president has been delayed, indefinitely, as chaos consumes Obama Headquarters in Chicago, searching for the piece of paper Obama "jotted" the name on.

"They're going crazy," offered one insider, close to the Obama campaign.

"They're rummaging through desks, emptying trash cans on floor, and they even have two interns sitting in the dumpster out back, going through every scrap of paper."

Unconfirmed rumors say that Obama wrote the name of his VP choice on the paper of a arugula wrap sandwich, a few days ago.

Staffers are attempting to confirm when the trash has been picked up last and are contemplating dispatching campaign staff to the city dump, to start the search there, just in case.

In addition to the campaign office, Obama's home and automobile have also been investigated.

Our source tells us that the campaign hasn't ruled out a hypnotist, to take Obama back to when he was eating the arugula wrap, to see if he can say the name, while in the trance.

More as this story develops.

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