Saturday, August 23, 2008


By Creature

It's done. The long awaited pick of Obama's VP is here and it's Joe Biden. I must say I'm happy with the pick.

There are a bunch of negatives to Biden (his war vote, the bankruptcy bill), but I will not let them sour me. Biden brings to the table solid Washington experience, solid foreign relations experience and most of all his mouth. Joe Biden will be the attack dog Obama's campaign needs. He's fearless in confrontation (he will be everything John Edwards wasn't for Kerry four years ago). Biden will also bring in votes. He's got name recognition and he solidifies a portion of the Democratic base that has been flirting with the idea of McCain because of Obama's "newness."

Overall Joe Biden serves to reassure and the fact that Obama recognized that bodes well for his campaign and his presidency.

Obama-Biden '08. Sounds good to me.

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