Monday, July 21, 2008

Monday, Monday is the song

By Carol Gee

The meadowlark is the State Bird of Wyoming. The photo is by Karen Hollingsworth.

I am visiting my family of origin in Wyoming. Therefore blog posting has sometimes been sporadic. But I have been tuned in to the web as much as possible, given technology and circumstances. I was "off" the weekend before last, due to Blogger problems, which I was able to remedy. And I returned to posting, revived a bit by an outdoor cookout. The event, hosted by my brother who makes a dynamite potato salad, was complete with his resident meadowlark moving from fence post to fence post.

My time here is dwindling fast. Soon I will be singing the blues because I am leaving my mom and three siblings, these bright blue skies, the clear rushing water, the blue snow-topped mountains, and the town where I was born that I love so much.

Gasoline prices are currently running between $4.12 and $4.22 per gallon. The roads are filled with big hunky motorcycles of all makes and vintages, as singles and couples filter in to Wyoming prior to heading for Sturgis, South Dakota. All the small towns are full of tourists, a surprising number utilizing a recreational vehicle. The alfalfa hay is being cut and baled in the irrigated fields, and the grain crops are getting some height. Perennial flower borders are a signature of this lovely town, along with huge old trees and long hiking and biking paths.

Wyoming politics have been a bit hard to deduce. Phil Roberts at The Wyoming Almanac debunks a few myths, however. My sisters are Democrats; my mom and brother are Republicans. Therefore political discussions vary, depending on the company. My mom worked at elections in years past, and my sisters attended this year's caucuses.

Wednesday I am off to Texas by car. Another day, another $4+ per gallon. Wish me luck.

(Cross-posted earlier at South by Southwest, updated a bit here.)

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