Monday, June 30, 2008

Obama: "John Kerry with a tan."

By Michael J.W. Stickings

(Whoops. I missed this one last week. It's another racist doozy from the GOP.)

Last week, anti-tax fanatic and fantasist Grover Norquist told the L.A. Times that Obama is "John Kerry with a tan." (h/t: The Stump)

(Yeah, and if only all those Negroes hadn't spent so much time out in the sun, maybe there wouldn't have been that whole slavery thing.)

Now, Grover had all sorts of nice things to say about Lousiana Governor (and possible veep pick) Bobby Jindal, he of East Indian descent. I suppose it's okay to be a wannabe Ronald Reagan with a tan.

For Grover, it seems, money is thicker than race.


Over to you, Johnny McBush: Now that you're best buddies with Grover and the crazies at Americans for Tax Reform -- flippin' and floppin' on Bush's plutocratic tax cuts aside -- would you care to respond?

Not that you're responsible for everything your supporters say, of course -- but perhaps you'd like to distance yourself a bit from such bigotry?

Or is it just part of the usual GOP smear campaign to you?

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