Monday, June 30, 2008

Bang the drum slowly

By Capt. Fogg

Barack Obama, we're told, rejects General Wesley Clark's opinion that John McCain's service in Vietnam, an important qualification for people who think dropping bombs is good presidential training, doesn't necessarily make for a good Commander-in-Chief. I agree.

Obama, of course can't say what he means, lest every word be twisted and used against him in the court of sleazy hyperbolic rhetoric and patriotism, but why would McCain's particular military experience teach him any of the many, many things a President should be expert in? Yes, it's a real military experience, unlike Bush's, but it didn't teach him all about the military industrial complex, the inner workings of the Pentagon and the other entities a president has to be able to work with and control. He is no expert on strategy, or policy or logistics or anything in fact other than the piloting of now obsolete aircraft to drop bombs on civilians.

Even if we insist that military command experience is a great teacher, John McCain is no Eisenhower and John McCain doesn't seem to have gained any real understanding of the problems of military personnel or veterans, at least far enough to have firm, clear and expressed opinions about things like the Geneva Conventions and the treatment of prisoners. He has little enough to impress us with and so we will hear more about the background he has and not about the background he should have had.

We were told years ago, when the simple mindedness of George W. Bush became apparent, that he would pick good advisers and so it didn't matter that he had no knowledge of world affairs, economics, history, and trivia such as constitutional law. He would pick good advisers. It's redundant in the extreme to repeat the results of his advisers' bad advice. Are we poised to repeat the same mistake by electing McCain? Who would his advisers be, TV evangelists? Defense contractor lobbyists?

I confess that my bias is toward intellect; toward people who ideas are relatively straightforward, but not simplistic and emotionally based. I prefer people who are actively learning rather than "taking a stand." I far prefer someone who speaks as the intellectual equal to the best of us and not just like the boys at VFW hall. If any presidency has demonstrated that "regular guyness" is not only insufficient but dangerous, it's our current one. Let's not do it again.

An old saw has it that to a carpenter, every problem is fixed with a hammer. Can our problems best be solved with bombs according to McCain's military training? Will our problems be solved by using powerful family connections, abandoning past commitments and getting into bed with someone wealthy the Way John solved his? Perhaps so. George Bush also tried to solve our problems, and the problems he created, according to his military background: that is to say, with lies, cover-ups, shredded records, invented stories and massive secrecy using the aid of powerful and wealthy allies. That's pretty much what he did during his brief and disastrous business adventure as well. Let's not do it again.

(Cross-posted from Human Voices.)

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  • Barack Hussie nObama = 6 6 6 . No matter what he says he is a muslim. His father and stepfather are muslims and in the eyes of all muslims that makes him one. He is unpatriotic, from his stupid excuses to why he doesn’t wear a flag pendent to his crazy, black, racist, damning America preacher and mentor. He is the charming, charismatic, mesmorizing, speaker that the devil is. He wants to talk and negotiate with America’s enemies, to pull troops out, to let them reorganize and stregthen, and then eventually side with them. Obama’s real name is Mabus. Nostradamus talks of Obama, the third antichrist of middle eastern background, ‘The Black One’. He is the devil. He will be the next President of the United States. America is blinded by Obama’s image and is persuded by the media’s portrayal. The media positivly portrays Obama, but is always negative against McCain. Its sick. McCain’s views are the truth and the correct way to handle things in this time of war. Which is a neccassary war. McCain is realistic on the way to deal with America’s enemies. McCain’s experience in the Senate and as an Air Force Officer/Pilot and POW gives him exceptional qualifications to run a country that is being attacked, on a Biblical scale. McCain knows how to get this country under control; the economy, fuel prices, illegal immigration. America is clearly divided into two, McCain Americans and Obama Americans. The Obama Americans want change but don’t want to make the sacrifices to do so. They want low gas prices but down want to drill causing harm to the environment. They want a border security but don’t want a wall that may disrupt natural mirgation of wildlife. They want lower taxes and don’t want to support a war they think they know so much about and don’t see a wider picture of our purpose and responsibility as Americans to respond to their attacks and their inhumanity to their people in their own region. America needs to be strong to be able to defend it’s enemies. We need to stand together as one country and unite on our way of thinking or we aren’t going to stand. The muslims are set in their plans to destroy the west and Israel and for Islam to be the world religion. They burn Bibles and flags, dancing and chanting ‘Death To America’ daily. They get upset and cry when a Quran is treated the same way and want an apology for it. They get upset and cry when someone draws a cartoon of Mohammed when I see cartoons of Jesus helping Santa and boxing Satan on South Park and can laugh about it, but yet they want an apology. We want our apology. They aren’t going to stop. The way they think is backwards. They are ignorant in their views and only see their own way. We have to check them. They are the enemies of Israel and that makes them the enemies of God. This is a holy war that must be fought in the name of God. Obama is just going to cause more problems and just weaken our nation. He is a muslim. The muslims around the world support him and praise his name. Obama’s views are completly unrealistic and are just lies to brainwash the American people to follow and believe in him. ‘Change We Can Believe In’, he is the anti-christ. Just lies to get the vote. He is the devil and will be America’s next President. In 2012, around election time, 3.5 years into his rule we will see his true self and intentions. He will declare himself a world leader to be worshipped and embraced as a god. 2012 is the Chinese year of the Dragon, in which divine and other worldly events occur on year. Dec 21 2012 the earth completes a precession on its axis which will cause shift of poles and magnetic fields. Also the day when the sun rises and aligns with the center of our Milky Way Galaxy and passes into the 13th zodiac which is a man wrestling a snake, symbolizing a time of struggle with evil. The Mayans predicted a beginning of a new cycle of change. The four horsemen are riding now. The natural disasters, climate change, world hunger, oil crisis, and a holy war. These are the end times and Obama is the devil.

    By Blogger Fuck Obama, at 7:02 PM  

  • What's your problem? Is the pain of growing up stupid the source of this empty anger? You just can't stand or understand what's going on can you?

    I've heard more rational rhetoric from people in straight jackets.

    There is no Devil, you abject imbecile, but with people like you we don't need one to abandon all hope that the human race will ever transcend it's simian ancestry. If we don't somehow find a way to exterminate you and your verminous compatriots, there is indeed no hope for civilization.

    Allah rahim - motherfucker.

    By Blogger Capt. Fogg, at 10:37 PM  

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