Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Top Ten Cloves: Reasons U.S. Military used Koran for target practice

By J. Thomas Duffy

News Item: U.S. soldier in Iraq used Koran for target practice

10. Thought they would score some points with John McCain's endorser, Rev. John Hagee.

9. Didn't realize it was a Koran; Got disoriented and sick after drinking some KBR water.

8. "You shoot at the Koran you have — not the Koran you might want or wish to have at a later time..."

7. With bullet holes, easier to hang on a nail in the cells of captured terrorists.

6. Just trying to work out all sides of the theory behind Woody Allen's "Bullet In My Breast Pocket".

5. Planned on giving it to Jenna Bush, as a wedding present.

4. Flushing it down the toliet was screwing up the plumbing.

3. Was told it was the Koran that Barack Obama took his Senate oath on.

2. Getting in last target practice; following president's lead, will give up shooting Korans as long as there is war going on.

1. They had already shot up their supply of Bibles.


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"They will have flies walking across their eyeballs"

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