Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Radio listeners diss McCain's Mini-Me

By J. Thomas Duffy

This had me rolling on the floor.

Stumbling around the WWW, I came across the post "Joe Lieberman Is Ann Coulter" over at No More Mister Nice Guy, and included in it was this list.

It comes from NPR's All Things Considered's ongoing series "Vocal Impressions":

"In "Vocal Impressions," a monthly contest, listeners provide word pictures brought to mind by distinctive voices."

They put it out in their latest offering, the voice of McCain's Mini-Me, Senator Joe Lieberman (R-I, CT).

It's hysterical!

Joe Lieberman

A flat tire on a Segway

A soggy brown paper bag

A turtle standing on a stack of telephone books

A grease stain on a new silk blouse

Max White [the father character on the TV show Alf] reprimanding Alf for trying to eat the family cat, Lucky

The straining engine of a previously owned Yugo

An exhausted math teacher who needs to explain what a square is for the Nth time

A person suggesting we form another committee to look into a "mission statement" after a two-hour meeting

The fine, boring, important print in your insurance policy

Ben Stein being smothered with a pillow by Ralph Nader

A dog's squeak toy after the squeak has been removed

The cowardly lion's petite weaselly, older brother

A discarded banana peel

Like Gumby and Pokey were his speech therapists

As to Steve M.'s post, hitting on Mini-Me Lieberman for his continued embrace of the Final Days Minister, John Hagee:

I think there's a real possibility that he'll go too far. His trajectory is starting to look a bit like Ann Coulter's -- every criticism generates an even greater desire to provoke, and no apology is ever forthcoming.

The problem is, when you're provoking at this level of public scrutiny (i.e., if you're more mainstream than, say, Michael Savage), you eventually find yourself, like Coulter, regularly testing the limits, and eventually you go over the edge, with the mainstream press watching, because you're just in a unilateral rhetorical arms race. Coulter went over the edge when she started fag-baiting heterosexual Democratic politicians while declaring Jews "incomplete" Christians (along with attacking 9/11 widows and embracing McCarthy); Lieberman, I think, is just going to keep backing Hagee (and probably other Christian Zionists) ever more publicly while making increasingly strident McCarthyite attacks on Democrats until, by November, I expect to see him in the editorial pages of The Wall Street Journal or on a Sunday talk show saying flatly, "Yes, I do think Barack Obama hates his country and would like to see it destroyed." His buddies in the media, like Coulter's, will continue to see him as not having gone too far, but it will be increasingly clear, particularly to Senate colleagues, that he's gone too far.

Maybe Stumblin Bumblin' John McCain's Mini-Me Lieberman can be talked into, when he speaks at Hagee's summit, doing it in costume, say, as Gumby or Pokey ... Or a soggy brown paper bag ...


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  • "Ben Stein being smothered with a pillow by Ralph Nader"

    For some reason, I find that a tremendously appealing image.

    By Blogger Capt. Fogg, at 9:46 AM  

  • Good Job! :)

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:25 PM  

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