Friday, May 23, 2008

Hillary Clinton refers to RFK assassination

By Creature

I'm not even touching this one. Nope. No way. Can't. Do. It. I very much need to believe that she's not going there and that Obama's assassination is not what she is waiting for. But I will say, she could have actually apologized to Obama and not only to the Kennedys for her unfortunate choice of words.

UPDATE: OK, I'm going in. I've watched the clip many times now and I have no benefit of doubt to give.

Here's the clip:

She's waiting around in case Obama is assassinated. That's it. I want to parse, but I can't. I'm kind of dumbfounded.

I've now watched the apology too a few times and it's equally baffling. She didn't apologize, if anything she reinforced.

And, if she intentially raised the specter of Obama's death--she had done it before, after all--then did she really think there would be no backlash? Is she trying to be outrageous just to stay in the news? Is she turning into Ann Coulter right before our eyes? Again, I'm dumbfounded.

UPDATE II: The real irony here is that Senator Clinton has been hanging around waiting for something to happen, politically speaking. Something that would signal the collapse of Obama's candidacy and give the superdelegates, or even the pledged delegates, an excuse to bolt. She was waiting for another Wright, another bitter. Well, I think she got her bitter, but not the bitter she had hoped for.

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  • My letter to the Democratic Party, followed by a link for others to do the same:

    Good Morning,

    Up until now, I have reluctantly accepted that, in the interest of party unity, this primary season was be seen to its completion, much as I've felt that the Clinton campaign hijacked the primary process, keeping the superdelegates hands tied on endorsing Obama. As of yesterday afternoon, however, when Clinton made her RFK assassination comment, it is a different morning for the Democratic Party.

    Yet, I cannot believe, as I live and breathe, there are those out there who not only excuse her comment as "an unfortunate reference," or a "historical reference," or "a misstatement" due to campaign fatigue, but who condone her comment, many cheering her on in the most racially vitriolic terms imaginable. I implore you, and I know that I speak for many, many Americans -- from common citizens to politicians and superdelegates -- to push for an end to this. The time is now. Not June 3rd. Now.


    By Blogger Mantis Katz & Zeus Hussein Canary, at 8:10 AM  

  • Laura,

    I absolutely agree and wrote a similar note to the DNC this afternoon.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:43 PM  

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