Friday, May 02, 2008

Hillary Clinton, the disingenuous populist

By Creature

Via Steve Benen's Carpetbagger Report we learn that Hillary Clinton has decided to throw the ludicrous gas-tax holiday idea into Congress' court. She thinks it's "important to get every member of Congress on record." She thinks we need to know if they "stand with the oil companies?" She wants to know, wait for it, if they are "with us or against us when it comes to taking on the oil companies?" Wow, talk about going all in.

As Steve points out: "Wait, with us or against us? Isn’t that Bush’s line?"

Yes, Bush's line, and Bush's Congress-bashing tactic as well. Doesn't Senator Clinton realize she needs to play nice with Congressional Democrats? Aren't a big chunk of undecided superdelegates sitting in Congress? Isn't this the only audience that matters for Clinton at this point?

Of course, as Steve also rightly points out, Clinton is playing to low-information voters in hopes of pulling out wins in North Carolina and Indiana thereby bringing home her "Obama is unelectable" point. However, what's really sad about this low-information tactic, a tactic that has worked for Republicans for many years now, is that Senator Clinton, who is by far the most high-information candidate left standing, has chosen this path as part of her appeal.

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