Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Hey, superdelegates, check this out

By Creature

While it's still way too early to look at general election polls, today's Reuters/Zogby poll is good news for the Obama campaign.

First the big picture:

Obama, who was tied with McCain in a hypothetical head-to-head match-up last month, moved to a 48 percent to 40 percent lead over the Arizona senator in May as he took command of his grueling Democratic presidential duel with rival Hillary Clinton.

Now to specifically dispel Senator Clinton's electability argument:

Obama led McCain among independents, 47 percent to 35 percent, and led among some groups of voters who have backed Clinton during their Democratic primary battle, including Catholics, Jews, union households and voters making less than $35,000 a year.

There is no "Jewish problem." There is no "white working-class problem." And, if there was, some of these folks are natural Bush-McCain supporters anyway. Once this general election campaign gets rolling, and Senator Clinton is no longer trying to degrade the Democratic nominee with her fuzzy math, Obama's numbers will soar even higher.

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  • Two words -- Electoral College.

    You may very well be correct. I really have no idea what's going to happen.

    However, even though many working class whites will come back to Obama, only a small percentage defecting to McCain could swing some of the battleground states.

    But frankly, as a Republican, if the country just HAS to have Obama, let's get it over with now!!! I live in a blue state anyway.

    By Blogger QueersOnTheRise, at 9:03 AM  

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