Saturday, May 10, 2008

A gruesomely destructive message

By Creature

Looks like Bob Herbert didn't get the memo that the Clintons will be running a kinder, gentler campaign as the clock runs out. This from today's NYT:

He can’t win! Don’t you understand? He’s black! He’s black!

The Clintons have been trying to embed that gruesomely destructive message in the brains of white voters and superdelegates for the longest time. It’s a grotesque insult to African-Americans, who have given so much support to both Bill and Hillary over the years. [...]

But it’s an insult to white voters as well, including white working-class voters. It’s true that there are some whites who will not vote for a black candidate under any circumstance. But the United States is in a much better place now than it was when people like Richard Nixon, George Wallace and many others could make political hay by appealing to the very worst in people, using the kind of poisonous rhetoric that Senator Clinton is using now.

I too believe the landscape has changed. I may be wrong, a lot of people may be wrong, but it's a chance I and millions of others are willing to take. I'd rather bet on the best of human nature than the worst (I believe that's what makes me liberal, after all). Hillary Clinton has based her campaign, since Iowa, on the worst. The difference between now and her pre-North Carolina and Indianapolis rhetoric is that now she has ditched the dog-whistle and picked up a bull horn.

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