Friday, May 23, 2008

Clinton as VP rumors intensify

By Creature

I understand and would accept Obama's judgment if he offered Senator Clinton the VP slot.

To be clear, I would not like it. Not one bit. I feel other people could balance out the ticket better. And, beyond Senator Clinton's politics and her hawkish polices, I believe she is far too polarizing a figure. Her inclusion on the ticket would motivate a depressed GOP base like no other Democrat could. However, Obama's team has run a smart campaign and know the electoral math far better than a neophyte like me. After all, in the end, it's about getting a Democrat in the White House and saving the Supreme Court.

That being said, I just can't get past the blackmail-like feeling coming from the Clinton camp about the Senator being offered the VP slot. Just like the presidency itself, the VP slot is not rightfully hers. It's the nominee's choice. I suspect this entire VP whisper campaign is designed to foment more anger and antipathy towards Obama if he chooses not to put Senator Clinton on the ticket. It would be just one more reason for Clinton's surrogates to undermine an Obama run (and his presidency when he wins).

Here's the video with the latest:

UPDATE: Well, that was quick. In a matter of hours we go from subtle blackmail to all out threats. Here's Senator Clinton's fattest of cats:

"But there's a risk that if she isn't invited on the ticket, Hillary's political and financial supporters may not feel compelled to be as integrated and involved in the Obama campaign in order to provide the maximum support that he'll need to prevail in November."

That's just ugly. These people are loyal to Clinton only. If McCain won, it's clear, that would be fine by them. Disgusting.

Mind you, Clinton's people could argue on the merits to get her on the ticket, but threats. Again, disgusting.

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