Saturday, April 19, 2008

Fair pay

By LindaBeth

Yesterday, April 18, was "Blog for Fair Pay" Day, in honor of the fact that yesterday women finally caught up to what men earned income-wise in 2007. Yes, the gendered pay gap means women have to work almost 4 months more to earn what men do. And Angry Black Bitch reminds us it's even worse for women of color. Designating a day for recognition and advocacy of this is an important tangible reminder of the effects of inequality and sanctioned discrimination.

It kind of reminds me of Tax Freedom Day, the day that the nation has earned enough income to pay our tax bill. Funny, though -- (federal) Tax Freedom Day is April 23rd (although this varies by state, mine in New York isn't until May). That tends to make people pissed -- realizing they work 4 months just to pay their government taxes.

But women have to work an extra 4 months to equal what men are paid yearly for the same job, which is about the same amount of time "Americans" have to work to pay their tax bill. Thus, from a conceptual point, the difference in men's and women's pay is about the same as the amount of taxes paid by the "average" American. Think about that for a second. Or several.

Then write in your support for the Fair Pay Act -- and encourage others to do the same.

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