Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Answering the cries for help

By Edward Copeland

No matter what happens tonight in the Pennsylvania primary, I think it's time that all Democrats, especially Obama supporters, come together in a sense of caring and compassion and reach out to Hillary supporters: Because some of them are so far gone, they need help.

Not all Hillary backers are like this. Many are reasonable, rational adults who accept that if their candidate loses the nomination fight (which she has already, though few are brave enough to admit it), they will gallantly ride to Obama's side to defeat the greater enemy: John McCain and the GOP.

This isn't to say that there aren't some deranged and flaky Obama backers out there, but we shouldn't be concerned about them right now. They won't go completely off their rockers unless McCain wins in November or Hillary somehow manages to steal the nomination from their guy.

The deluded Hillary supporters are another story. They are past the point of seeing reason about anything (I imagine they also imagine sniper fire if they wander too close to Obama supporters). However, this post is not to mock them, it's to help them. We need to create some sort of Hillary detox. We can't afford to have these voters curled up in a fetal ball rocking back-and-forth in a corner come November or (worse) voting for McCain out of spite. It's unfortunate that by happenstance the Republicans have picked the one candidate who could conceivably win in an undeniably favorable Democratic year (If only it had been Romney, even Hillary would have stood a chance against him), but he's the one we face and he's the one who must be stopped.

Just remember if McCain wins:

Iraq goes on.

War with Iran is a real possibility.

Economic stability is unlikely.

The Supreme Court is likely to get worse because John Paul Stevens can't live forever.

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