Thursday, March 27, 2008

Meghan McCain's manservant

By Michael J.W. Stickings


Today's WaPo "Style" section has a profile of hipster McCain offspring Meghan that's highly amusing and at times dangerously candid. For instance:

She carries five pairs of shoes around with her and has, she says, "the biggest suitcase on the trail."

"He's nicknamed 'Mr. Lee,'" [friend Shannon] Bae says of that suitcase. "That's her Chinese manservant."

The 23-year-old McCain immediately assures the reporter that she "didn't create" the nickname and doesn't like it. Still, can you imagine what kind of furious shit storm would have arisen if Chelsea Clinton or a Bush twin had been toting similarly named luggage?

Well, maybe not if it had been one of the Bush twins, but certainly if it had been the child of any Democrat, including Chelsea.

But where do you think Meghan learned to talk like that? She may have been quick enough to distance herself from it, but you just know she loves joking about Mr. Lee.

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