Friday, February 22, 2008

Mind the gap -- it's closing

By Michael J.W. Stickings

New poll numbers, via The Plank: "The new ABC News/WaPo poll has Clinton ahead of Obama by 7 in Ohio and 1 in Texas. She had double-digit leads in both states last week. Meanwhile, Rasmussen has Clinton up three in Texas (last week he had the New York senator up 16)."

RealClearPolitics is a good resource for state-by-state polling. Here's Ohio and Texas. The trend in both states is clear: Obama is closing the gap in dramatic fashion. Note, too, that ABC News/WaPo has Clinton up by just one point in Texas.

Clinton continues to have a double-digit lead in Pennsylvania, which will hold its primary two weeks from today, but the trend is the same there as in Ohio and Texas: Obama seems to be catching up.

Elsewhere, Obama is up by ten in North Carolina, another fairly big state that hasn't been getting much attention (because it is expected to go for Obama and because Clinton has been ignoring it, like so many other states).

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