Sunday, February 24, 2008

Clinton campaign flailing

By Libby Spencer

If you're old enough to have lived through the Nixon years, you'll probably also find the HuffPo's description of Hillary's latest messaging as over the top theatrics, a bit overstated. I've seen worse, but there was nothing subtle about that mockery. I leave it to you to judge for yourself whether it was offensive.

For myself, I was put off by it on a couple of levels. I'm really tired of negative campaigning and I found it rude. Plus, she came off like a candidate who is still struggling to find a central message which rather conflicts with the whole ready on day one theme. I don't find that reassuring.

I don't understand the strategy or the timing behind it at all. I imagine it was designed to counter the impression that she was conceding at the debate, but the inconsistency between that event and the last two days is dizzying. She went from nice Hillary, to angry Hillary to mean Hillary in the space of three days. And as skippy points out, it's an odd choice to mock faith on a Sunday.

However, Joe Gandelman asks the money question. Will it change any minds? It may have worked a few months ago, but now? I imagine it will encourage her supporters who will see a fighting spirit in the taunting but I don't see it winning any converts.

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